Standard Rod Guides


Everyone likes options, and we believe in offering respectable materials to the customer to make sure they get exactly what they’re looking for. Most importantly, RFG’s manufacturing quality program and molding experience sets the bar for what a rod guide should be. RFG is continuously monitoring every piece of manufacturing and testing equipment in its facility. We have over 120 sensors throughout our facility connected to a data-logger and live-monitoring server. Each channel is categorized and sorted, and has high and low level alarms. If a parameter breaches a pre-defined limit,  instant alarms alert our Quality Engineer, Plant Manager, and molding operators via visual and audible signals, and via e-mail.

Due to the pitfalls of PPA, RFG refuses to offer this resin. Even the material manufacture teaches of its limitations for high-temperature water usage. Instead, we’ve explored Polyketone and engineered a material for rod guides. Polyketone is a GOOD product for those customers who just want a rod guide. Temperature limitation is about 220 F.

For a BETTER option, PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) is a well-suited resin and material when formulated with tubing in mind (~33% GF max). It is chemically resistant and can tolerate good temperature, though it does lose significant properties at temperatures above 200 F.

Sizes currently available:

2-7/8″ Tubing – 2.300″ Guide OD x ~7″ Long

Materials currently available:

  • Polyketone, Unfilled
    • An AF or AU PPA replacement that is NOT Hygroscopic (PPA is JUNK!)
  • Polyketone, 33% Glass Filled
  • PPS, Unfilled
  • PPS, 30% Glass, 20% Mineral Filled
Standard Rod Guides Vertical Lineup