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RFG Rod Guides manufactured with MP Polymer Technology provide 5x wear life compared to competitor guides, lab results prove much higher. Our guides provide a stream-lined profile for smooth fluid flow. We don’t have a need to maximize EWV in effort to compensate for a fast wearing plastic. In fact, our RFG 2.5″ Standard MP Polymer Sucker Rod Guide lasts nearly 2x that of our competitor’s largest standard sucker rod guide. The magic is in the MP Polymer material.

DMTA Comparison of common rod guide materials, as shown on the MP Polymer Rod Guides Page


RFG Sucker Rod Guides manufactured with MP Polymer Technology provide STABLE, reliable performance up to 500 ⁰F. Hot Watering? No problem. Hot-Oiling? No problem. Bakken/Eagle Ford, 375 ⁰F BHT? No problem. Canada SAGD? No problem.

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Engineered guide spacing provides a balanced approach to keeping both the rod and coupling off of the tubing wall. As guides affixed to the flexible rod body are spaced further apart, the side-load required to force and deflect the sucker rod into the tubing reduces, but the load to deflect the coupling and forged rod area, already the most stiff section of sucker rods, increases. Other guide manufacturers focus on the coupling region and forget the rod body can flex most easily under side-loads. RFG engineered our spacing and manufacturing process to prevent rod-on-tubing AND coupling-on-tubing contact throughout the entire assembly, not just the coupling region like competitors.

MP Polymer Rod Guides


Not all sucker rod guides are created equal. RFG and MP Polymer Technology have redefined industry perception of guides. Since launching our Oklahoma City guiding facility in 2013, RFG Petro Systems has a 100% success rate in capturing customers after presenting the science, technology, and facts to the marketplace. We don’t sell plastics, we teach plastics, and let the customer make the decision. All our lab research, engineering efforts, and product development is realized through down-hole performance for rod and tubing protection.

Our company’s business exploded with the expansion of rod lift in the Eagle Ford. No other guide manufacturer was providing a material that performed, even though better resin materials were readily available from the same manufacturers. As RFG pioneered and set the bar on high temperature rod guide performance, new challenges have arisen. RFG’s rod guides are eclipsing the corrosion fatigue life of a sucker rod. The high temperatures and hydro-static fluid pressures in well-bore systems induce fluid between the guide and rod body on all guides. Add corrosive fluids to the mix, and you get corrosion under the guide. The corrosive, high pressure and high temperature environment of the Eagle Ford has presented its own set of challenges, and RFG continues to invest in solutions through its engineering efforts, testing and lab equipment to study these conditions.

MP Polymer Technology creates thermal, mechanical, and dimensionally stable plastic components for oilfield use. This provides the best mechanical properties at down-hole conditions, of any plastic compound available on the market today, at a respectable price.

RFG MP Polymer Guides are available in the following sizes:

  • RFG 2″ Long Guides, ~6″ Long – 1.850″ OD – acceptable for lined or coating tubing applications
  • RFG 2.5″ Standard Guides, ~6″ Long – 2.320″ OD – acceptable for lined or coated tubing applications
  • RFG 2.5″ Long Guides, ~8″ Long – 2.300″ OD – acceptable for lined or coated tubing applications

Finite Element Analysis

Our engineering team has a strong history in formal FEA training and consulting for many Fortune 100 companies, and we’ve taken advantage of the same technology and resources for our business. We’ve evaluated every scenario possible related to sucker rod guides, such as:

  • Sucker rod geometry and material
    • Room temperature, high temperature, under stress (strain), both tension and compression
  • Guide geometry
    • Room temperature, high temperature, fluid absorption and swelling
  • Guide materials
    • Room temperature and high temperature properties (plastics are not linear)
  • Guide spacing and the effects of compression and stress concentration
  • Stress and bar deflection outside of guide and inside of guides
  • Buckling, tension, compression

We’ve engineered our material, guide spacing, and manufacturing process to optimize the sucker rods use and application in reciprocating rod lift.

No one knows more about guided sucker rods.

Competitors preach blatant lies related to guide spacing, materials, and geometry, and its effect on sucker rod operating dynamics. RFG’s development approach through FEA along with real world testing through our multiple compression-tension cyclic machines assures customers and industry that everything we produce is engineered and proven.

FEA Sucker Rod Guide Spacing

RFG Petro Systems' MP Polymer Technology proves itself superior every time