RFG Petro Systems' pride comes from
honest & transparent engineering

Redefining The Industry

Redefining sucker rod guides.

Redefining tubing wear solutions.

Redefining down-hole product life.

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the production process, from the beginning stages of product inception to implementation and after-sales support.

We carefully design our products in an effort to provide astounding benefit to the end-user, teaching them the science, technology and reason for the drastic increase in performance and product life along the way. RFG’s renowned focus on using cutting-edge quality assurance programs assures the world that our products are built right and built to last.

RFG is on the FOREFRONT OF THE guiding industry 4 years in a row, pioneering the high temperature sucker rod guide space


We believe in thinking and doing things differently. Constraint breeds creativity, and with this, the RFG Petro Systems engineering group has solved tough problems which have challenged oil and gas well operators. Years of research, development, lab and field testing, and data acquisition has earned us a respected position in the energy industry.

We proudly stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of every product we manufacture. All of our products are assembled in the United States, and 99.9% of our product is manufactured from USA materials by American workers.

Product and manufacturing concepts go through a series of internal standard testing and quality processes before products are released for commercial sale. As we continue to engineer and test new ideas and products, as well as new applications for existing materials and products, we are constantly striving to achieve greater financial return through strategic logistics, LEAN principals, and Just-In-Time manufacturing.

Our strategic manufacturing processes allow our production levels to expand as demand for our products grow. The machine and tooling investments we continue to make position us to provide products according to our customers’ needs. Spare parts and machinery are all available at our associated manufacturing facilities, from cutters and taps to inserts for cavities, lathes, molding machine accessories, etc. With this degree of preparation, we do not fear downtime.

Take a look and see for yourself why
RFG and MP Polymer technology
has provided
unparalleled performance in the marketplace

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Quality by Design

Quality is our MO. It defines us. Every parameter of our patent-pending manufacturing process is monitored and logged 24/7. Every product manufactured in Oklahoma City passes 3 tiers of inspection before shipment.

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The Best. Period.

4 years in a row, continuous side-by-side product studies in customer wells, RFG wins. Our dimensional, mechanical, and thermal stability through MP Polymer technology allows unparalleled reliability down-hole. Its the reason why customers continuously make the switch.

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Intense Engineering

We employ cutting edge engineering technologies through internally designed, fabricated, and automated testing equipment, along with 3D modeling and sophisticated FEA analysis. Everything we do has reason. Every design has purpose.